Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lodgement Scheme

The Qualified Person (QP) can apply for lodgement scheme for the following:

  1. Minor development project without pollution control (PC) and environmental health (EH) requirements (e.g. pavilions);
  2. Residential landed properties, with the exception of strata title landed properties with communal facilities, that comply with EH and PC requirements.

Yes, the QP can apply for lodgement scheme.

As waiver was granted to erect roof gutters, the development did not comply with environmental health requirements. Hence, the QP should not apply via lodgement scheme.

Yes, the lodgement scheme applies to new erection projects.

Noise assessment is not required for residential landed properties submitted via the lodgement scheme.

The owner is to ensure that the ACMV system is properly maintained and in the event of any feedback from neighbouring development on nuisance (such as noise, hot air, etc) posed by the ACMV system, the owner will have to resolve the feedback amicably as good neighbours.